In today’s time, the cost of healthcare in the country has risen significantly credit to the ever-growing demand for medical services. Having medical insurance comes in handy in times of medical emergencies. Many individuals often have to use funds from their savings in case of a medical emergency, which not only impacts their financial health but also jeopardizes personal goals such as education and daily life.

Here are some reasons why having a medical insurance policy is important as well as beneficial:

1. Medical Services Are Expensive:

The rising cost of medical treatment makes a subscription to an appropriate medical insurance policy. However, when it comes to medical insurance, investment decisions are fruitful only if they are well-informed and well-researched, say experts. Therefore, a suitable medical insurance policy can provide protection against inflation.

2. Cashless Facility:

Within a defined network of hospitals, many medical insurance providers today provide a cashless facility with their policies under certain conditions. This can be very beneficial as in case of an emergency, the insurer pays for eligible expenses directly to the institution, therefore not requiring the policyholder to bear the expenses from his or her own pocket. This very feature ensures that the customers do not have to feel the impact of immediate cash requirement should an emergency occur.

3. Coverage Against Critical Illnesses:

Insurance providers nowadays offer critical illness insurance, either as a standalone plan or as a rider. Such an insurance policy provides coverage against life-threatening diseases such as kidney failure, bone marrow transplant, stroke, and loss of limbs, among others. Upon diagnosis of any of the critical illnesses from the predetermined list of your policy, you are entitled to receive a lump sum amount. This amount may be used to meet your illness-related treatment costs, daily expenses, and any other financial obligations.

4. To Safeguard Savings:

When you are fighting against a serious illness, it not just leaves you mentally distressed but also leaves you financially drained. However, by purchasing a suitable medical insurance plan, you can deal with your expenses in a more rational way without disturbing your savings. Other than this, some insurance companies also offer cashless treatment, so you are not required to worry about the reimbursement too. Now, you can make use of your savings as planned, like purchasing a home, education, and retirement plans for your children. 

5. Lifetime Renewability Benefit:

Lifetime renewability benefit allows the policyholder to renew their medical insurance policy without any age limit or upper restriction. Especially for senior citizens and parents, the lifetime renewability benefit takes off the financial pressure in case of a medical emergency.

6. Health Check-Ups:

Among other features, many medical insurance plans offer period health check-ups free of cost under certain conditions. In many cases, even these check-ups are covered through a cashless mode, wherein the insured is not required to bear the expense from his or her own pocket at any given time.

If you want to save yourself from financial instability, especially when you are mentally and physically exhausted, buy a medical insurance policy today.

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